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June and July 2009 sales

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Here are the June sales in Davis…  june-sales.PDF

And here are July’s sales (note July 31st is not included)…  july-sales.PDF

When comparing June to July in Davis, the average price per square foot decreased from $307 to $287 (not a final figure).  However, it’s not all bad news for Sellers in Davis… not only did the the average price and the median price of homes in Davis increase, but and the sales price to list price ratio also increased (from 97.78% to 98.23%).

June 5th post

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

My June 5th, 2009 posting got me thinking… Are prices actually increasing in Davis?  Well not exactly.  Per the statistics, the average and median home sale prices did go up in May; However, year to date, prices are, in fact, lower than a year ago.  The median price of year to date home sales in Davis (all sales through June 30th, 2009) is $458,950.  A year ago, year to date it was $492,500… That’s 7% lower.  The Average price in Davis so far is $495,923.  Through June last year, it was $529,590.  That is also 7% lower.  For whatever reason, the average and median prices in Davis in May, 2009 spiked up slightly.  Considering the lack of inventory, perhaps we’ll get more spikes upward going forward.